31 Aug 2012

Vienna: Day 2


The journey is still on. After a hard and tired day in the plane, I finally got a chance to take a very good rest. Probably about 8 hours of sleeping.. Life's good. In this day, I went on a city tour around the city of Vienna. Some places such as Schonbrunn Palace: 

 inside the palace

I also found the fact that in Vienna, the horses are very big and strong! and fancy.. (because they are used 
as a tourist attraction). I just wowed with those big and strong horses. Too bad I couldn't ride on it because I  tend to walk and follow the tour. 

The Horses - Look at those skin! 

When will Jakarta has this kind of park? 

It was a hot and shiny day in Vienna. I even have to squint my eyes everytime I took a picture because the sun was shining so bright! But the wind was quite nasty in the morning.. 

Top: Mangosteen
Short: Zara TRF
Coat: Zara
Bag: H&M 

See ya when I see ya, Vienna!! xx

See ya on the next page,


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