21 Oct 2012

Introducing: Eli Gonzales' 2012 Holiday Collection

Eli Gonzales’ 2012 Holiday Collection

Silent confidence, effortless elegance and comfortably luxurious

For fellow Indonesian followers, Eli Gonzales' name might still unfamiliar to your ears. He is a wonderful Filipino Designer and an excellent educator at my college. He gained his reputation as a fashion designer through a-very-lovable program throughout the world, PROJECT RUNWAY! - in his case, project runway Philippine, in 2008. 

Although he didn't win on that program, he never gave up his spirit for fashion. After a hiatus in international fashion industry, now he is coming back to the industry with the fresh designs for classy women. As my lecture, I personally think he is a genius and I recommend you guys in Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippine to check out his works! 

the designer himself - at work

Don't forget to come by his Facebook page: http://facebook.com/eligonzalesdesigns 

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9 Sep 2012

For the love of: Flower Bouquet

Hello everyone, I decided to come up with a new segment that I called 'For the love of;'
For today's edition, I would like to share the love for flower bouquets to you guys, 
especially for wedding ones.. 

First impression of flower bouquets, it must be roses. With feminine colors like white, pink, purple, and some bold colors such as red, orange, or even blue. I would like to share some of my favorite bouquets which I thought will be awesome to use later on my wedding day [I wish].

add some decorations (can you spot on the butterfly?)

Which one is your favorite bouquet? 
Even better, is there someone you know (or maybe you!) will tie the knot soon? 

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company 

than a good marriage. 
~ Martin Luther ~

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6 Sep 2012

Egy Nap Budapest

Leaving Austria and then moving on to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. In my opinion, Budapest is one of the nicest city in eastern europe. There are lots of cultural variety in here. Budapest, in the old days, were in two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is the place for rich people, while Pest is for the poorer ones. Buda is the hilly area, and Pest is the downtown area. Both places were separated by a river named Danube River. Although both parts have joined together, my local tour guide said that Buda is still the place for rich people and Pest, still belongs to the poorer ones. Bet the stereotype didn't disappear that easy..

The weather was very nice when I was there. I visited some places such as;

Heroes' Square 

State Opera House

Matthias' Church
You guys have to see this church by yourself. First thing when you walked in, you will be awed by the magnificent interior and decoration. 

Random findings - or the places who I forgot the names

 Super cute (and somehow creepy) stuffed dolls on random street

Me with the royal guards. I don't know whether he's freakin' tall or I'm freakin' small.. 

Louis Vuitton's store in Budapest. Lots and lots of tentacles on the window!

Rickshaw with a good-looking driver? Nah, apparently he's just happen waiting for his friend and sit on it..

Top: Bershka
Skirt: Grandma's made
Bag: H&M
Shoes: The Little Things She Needs

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31 Aug 2012

Vienna: Day 2


The journey is still on. After a hard and tired day in the plane, I finally got a chance to take a very good rest. Probably about 8 hours of sleeping.. Life's good. In this day, I went on a city tour around the city of Vienna. Some places such as Schonbrunn Palace: 

 inside the palace

I also found the fact that in Vienna, the horses are very big and strong! and fancy.. (because they are used 
as a tourist attraction). I just wowed with those big and strong horses. Too bad I couldn't ride on it because I  tend to walk and follow the tour. 

The Horses - Look at those skin! 

When will Jakarta has this kind of park? 

It was a hot and shiny day in Vienna. I even have to squint my eyes everytime I took a picture because the sun was shining so bright! But the wind was quite nasty in the morning.. 

Top: Mangosteen
Short: Zara TRF
Coat: Zara
Bag: H&M 

See ya when I see ya, Vienna!! xx

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30 Aug 2012

Reise nach Wien

First Stop: VIENNA 

After a tiring approximately 11 hours of flight from Jakarta, I finally made it to the first stop of the journey, Vienna - the capital city of Austria around afternoon time. It is summer time now therefore the weather is very nice, as well as the light breeze - not too cold yet not too hot, perfect. 

Soon after I got off the plane, the city tour started. We went to the biggest and probably the oldest Catholic church in Vienna called St. Stephen's Cathedral. The architectural style of this church is gothic and a bit of romanesque. This church was built in 1147 and completed in 1160. I really really love the interior of the cathedral. Soooo magical. 

 St. Stephen's Cathedral 

 St. Stephen's cathedral is surrounded by a huge city center, and it was very crowded that day. I guess there were many tourists at that time. Because I went with a travel group, the free time given was very tight in order to cope with the schedule. However, I managed to wander around the center with my dad and found several high street stores such as H&M, Zara, etc. No wonder a lot of people come to this place! 

I didn't put so much effort in dressing up for this day because I had to be in plane for approx. 11 hours and I just put up my comfortable outfit. As you can see, my face was freakin' pale and tired. Haha. Didn't get much good photos as well because I wasn't in the mood for that due to my weak body.. 

Top: Cache Cache
Jeans: Jay Jays
Flats: Axiaggio
Bag: Mom's

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