6 Sep 2012

Egy Nap Budapest

Leaving Austria and then moving on to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. In my opinion, Budapest is one of the nicest city in eastern europe. There are lots of cultural variety in here. Budapest, in the old days, were in two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is the place for rich people, while Pest is for the poorer ones. Buda is the hilly area, and Pest is the downtown area. Both places were separated by a river named Danube River. Although both parts have joined together, my local tour guide said that Buda is still the place for rich people and Pest, still belongs to the poorer ones. Bet the stereotype didn't disappear that easy..

The weather was very nice when I was there. I visited some places such as;

Heroes' Square 

State Opera House

Matthias' Church
You guys have to see this church by yourself. First thing when you walked in, you will be awed by the magnificent interior and decoration. 

Random findings - or the places who I forgot the names

 Super cute (and somehow creepy) stuffed dolls on random street

Me with the royal guards. I don't know whether he's freakin' tall or I'm freakin' small.. 

Louis Vuitton's store in Budapest. Lots and lots of tentacles on the window!

Rickshaw with a good-looking driver? Nah, apparently he's just happen waiting for his friend and sit on it..

Top: Bershka
Skirt: Grandma's made
Bag: H&M
Shoes: The Little Things She Needs

See ya on the next diary!


  1. Beautiful place! Thank you for such inspiring photos :)

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  2. Beautiful city ;) I love each corner of it :*



  3. I love this photos! You look gorgeous! I like the outfit^^
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  4. I love your skirt jan, i think i love your grandma's made :P