9 Aug 2012

Peterpan and Parrots

I went to the new M Cafe at Grand Indonesia with my boyfriend yesterday. We chose to come there on weekdays because the queue on weekend is crazy as hell. We pretty much were shocked that there wasn't any queue yesterday. How luckyyy.

I ordered red velvet and rainbow cake - all accompanied by Strawberry Magnum ( I forgot their fancy names. pardon me). I personally think that the cakes (both cakes) tasted the same. Only regular sweet cake with cream cheese and sprinkles on top. The ice cream? You can get the ice cream at small shops and minimarkets and still tastes the same as this one. Overall judgement, they only sell the vibe and the ambience rather than maximizing the menu. Sorry Walls. 

Magnum Red Velvet 

Magnum Rainbow Cake 

However, I like the overall ambience of the place. It is very.. How to say. Modern Vintage? You will see lots of artsy elements in this place - and very chocolate-y feeling through the wallpaints and the wooden floor. The indoor place was a bit packed, while the outdoor place was small and bright. I think it will be awesome at night. 

For my outfit, I wear Basic Peterpan Collar Shirt (Custom made by my Grandma), Hot Pants with Parrots Print, and Ballet Flats. 

See ya on the next post :)

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