20 May 2012


On Monday me and my classmates went to a photo studio and learned about some lighting techniques. It was a pretty damn short course (approximately only for 45 minutes) while the time to reach that place was like an hour due to Jakarta's unpredictable traffic.

After the brief lecture from my photography lecturer - Mr. Raja Siregar (Yes, the noted fashion photographer currently works for Elle Indonesia, google him, guys! he's on wikipedia already), our class was given a chance to actually try to operate those lighting stuffs etc. It was a fun class actually! Wish we could have had more time to practice rather than only in the theory.

However, I was pointed by my friends to be the 'impromptu model'! It was actually surprising because before me, there was another friend of mine who modeled for the rest of the class. These are two of the pictures that my friend took (because the rest of them are pretty blurry)..

See ya on the next post!

8 May 2012

Singing My Blues

Okay this dress was supposed to have a navy blue color but due to the bad lighting, the dress looked a bit purplish haha. I had a digital photography assessment for final project to make an editorial photoshoot. I'm having a tough tough week! Phew!

Navy blue dress - JessJessShop
Mom's vintage necklace
Black flat shoes - The Little Things She Needs