21 Oct 2012

Introducing: Eli Gonzales' 2012 Holiday Collection

Eli Gonzales’ 2012 Holiday Collection

Silent confidence, effortless elegance and comfortably luxurious

For fellow Indonesian followers, Eli Gonzales' name might still unfamiliar to your ears. He is a wonderful Filipino Designer and an excellent educator at my college. He gained his reputation as a fashion designer through a-very-lovable program throughout the world, PROJECT RUNWAY! - in his case, project runway Philippine, in 2008. 

Although he didn't win on that program, he never gave up his spirit for fashion. After a hiatus in international fashion industry, now he is coming back to the industry with the fresh designs for classy women. As my lecture, I personally think he is a genius and I recommend you guys in Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippine to check out his works! 

the designer himself - at work

Don't forget to come by his Facebook page: http://facebook.com/eligonzalesdesigns 

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