26 Apr 2012

Black and White Mayhem

25th April 2012 

Me and my friend (Fiona) decided to dress up to college. Our fashion mood were lifted by seeing Anastasia Siantar's blog :D 
For my outfit, I was in the mood of black and white for the whole week. So then I matched a loose plain white shirt with a custom-made tulle skirt (sorry I couldn't get the detail of the tulle fabric...) Anyway, I topped it up with a gilded flower shaped brooch and my lucky wedges

Because I did this at my college's hallway, my friends were curious and decided to join the photo party. Here are some pictures of my fellow fashionistas!

My soon-to-be blogger friend, Fiona!

Say hello to my fellow classmates! 

Thanks to:
Fiona and Iman as the photographers


  1. lovely outfit and super cute blog! xx


  2. soo pretty! i love your blog.
    really-really love your style!
    my internet conection is so sucks,i couldn't follow you :(
    because the followers tab didn't appear!
    please follow me and leave the coment on my post to remind me following you,
    claireteressa.blogspot.com ♥